Step up your photo game

Colour grading can be overwhelming, even as a professional. It's sometimes hard to find a style you resonate with, and even when you're certain on a style you like, it can be difficult to apply that onto a photo.

Instead of spending wasted hours behind a laptop, simply apply a desktop preset to your photo. This will speed up work flow whilst creating a consistent looking gallery or portfolio.

Pro presets for your phone

Maintain a consistent style whilst editing on the go. Mobile presets are ideal for beginners or professionals that want a quick, consistent fix in a matter of seconds, all within the palm of the hand.

Compatible with photos taken on your phone, as well as professional RAW DSLR images.


DYT Presets are subtle yet aesthetically pleasing presets carefully designed to transform your photos into something beautiful. The goal is to maintain a timeless and realistic feeling whilst still bringing out colours that pop in the right places.


Jack Morris I @jackmorris

Al Maha desert oasis edited using the FLM 02 preset from the FILM Desktop Preset pack.

Shadows are slightly brought out to create a soft overall feel. The colour tones are subtly changed in a realistic way, whilst at the same time standing out strong. A warm glow gives the image an overall inviting feel.

A rooftop gym in Mexico City edited using the FLM 03 preset from the FILM Mobile Preset pack. Colour tones are shifted to a warm vintage green. Inspired by the tones of Kodak film.